State College, PA: In response to the opportunity of collegiate Student Athletes to benefit financially from the use of their name, image and likeness properties, Pennsylvania attorney and businessman, Michael Krentzman, has established WE ARE… Collective to work with Penn State Student Athletes, their most ardent fans and corporate partners in maximizing Student Athlete NIL value.  

Utilizing the most highly respected platform for NIL Compliance, the same platform used by Auburn University and many other leading programs, WE ARE… Collective will operate on a subscription basis, giving fans personal and meaningful relationships with the Student Athletes through virtual and in person meet and greet events, exclusive merchandise and NFT’s, a mentoring and job placement program and more.  Additionally, our experienced marketing team will create opportunities through our relationships with local, regional and national businesses.  

WE ARE… will give members of our Collective the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with Athletes, as well as providing the Athletes benefits beyond strong financial performance. WE ARE… will help athletes build their futures through the relationships formed through the collective, and in so doing, the collective will provide benefits that transcend the length of a collegiate athletic career.  

WE ARE… aims to give back to Pennsylvania through our partnership with the state YMCA’s. Student Athletes in our collective will have the ability to design programs to benefit Pennsylvanians wherever there is a YMCA. Additionally, members of our collective will be able to donate the time of Student Athletes to help their communities, local athletic teams, schools and community.

Michael Krentzman, founder and President of WE ARE… Collective, is a long time Penn Stater and an attorney who lives two miles from Beaver Stadium.  He has represented several well known Penn Staters in NCAA compliance issues over the years, and has spent a great deal of time working with experts in the NIL field to design a program that will be compliant with Pennsylvania law and NCAA Regulations and will work for the athletes and Penn State athletics.

To learn more, see In the coming days, the benefits and support levels will be announced.  Soon thereafter, we look forward to announcing signings of Student Athletes