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Many potential top NFL draft picks have their stock drop due to injuries.

These unfortunate injuries potentially causes them to lose millions of dollars depending on how many draft spots they fall. Or, even worse, the injury forces the athlete to go undrafted and lose any chance of a guaranteed deal. Sometimes these players can’t play the sport they love anymore due to the injury and move on to a different career entirely.

Now, through the We Are NIL Collective, Penn State players are covered by insurance in case of a devastating injury. The collective has agreed to offer disability insurance to players on the Penn State football team. The organization hopes to raise between $6-10 million in funding.

​​“I have spent the past several months… Securing resources not offered anywhere in the country,” Founder Michael Krentzman said. “We Are NIL enters the market today as the first NIL collective [believed to be] providing permanent total disability insurance to eligible student-athletes and with a war chest of unbeatable resources empowering Penn State football players to achieve a lifetime of professional success.”

Permanent total disability insurance is a type of workers’ compensation. It provides weekly payments to people that are unable to work. Not only will the collective pay for the insurance, but it will also purchase additional insurance beyond what the athletic department offers.

However, not everyone on the team will have a chance to be covered by the insurance. Only athletes that have a chance to be top draft pick will have the opportunity to gain insurance. Offensive lineman Caedan Wallace was the first player to secure the insurance policy. Wallace has the necessary size, tenacity, and experience to be a potential NFL draft pick.

The Nittany Lions have had their fair share of players forced to retire from football due to injury.

Journey Brown was an elite playmaker who rushed for 890 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2019. Brown was seen as one of the top running backs in college during his short career and was well on his way to getting drafted into the NFL. However, he had to retire due to a heart condition, ending his dreams.

The announcement is a step in the right direction for collegiate athletes. Now, these athletes will have a backup plan of sorts.