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Daily Collegian: Penn State’s trio of NIL collective coexisting with different operations to achieve same goal

We Are NIL emphasizes the future of Penn State’s athletes, as the collective offers insurance to players, so it sets them up for success should something happen to them during their playing career. “What if the guy is banking on the next level and something happens? If you start out with a half a million dollars in your pocket as a 21, 22-year-old college student, guess what? You’ve got a really nice start on life,” Krentzman said.
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The Athletic: At Penn State, Chad Powers T-shirts are just one part of diversifying NIL approach

Instead, We Are NIL is now working to offer football players permanent total disability insurance. When the collective re-launched earlier this month, it was believed to be the first to buy disability insurance for athletes. Right tackle Caedan Wallace was the first player to be insured through the collective. Safety Ji’Ayir Brown has done work through the collective but was already insured separately, said Michael Krentzman, founder of We Are NIL.
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State College, PA: In response to the opportunity of collegiate Student Athletes to benefit financially from the use of their...

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