Empowering Student Athletes


For generations Penn Staters have stood together….instead of staying at different
hotels in the Segregated South we said WE ARE… and the team stayed together at
a military base.

When most everyone thought Eastern Football was inferior, we proved them wrong as
together we fought on to win National Championships.

As the Grand Experiment was conceived, doubters said you can’t have true student-
athletes and succeed….we said WE ARE… and won on the field with one of the nation’s
highest graduation rates.

Penn State admission to the Big Ten Conference was met with objection within the
conference and skepticism outside….but we said WE ARE… and earned 120 Big Ten
Team Titles.

Now, we face the new challenge of compensating student-athletes for their brand value
which will determine the future success of all our athletic teams. It’s time to say again….
WE ARE… and support our student-athletes extending our legacy of responding to the

Alumni Collectives have formed to help university athletic departments meet this new
challenge by providing fan incentives and business relationships with higher profile
players. Fans and alumni across the nation are being challenged to participate at a
higher rate and again another opportunity presents itself for us to stand together
The WE ARE… Collective will initially direct its efforts to build and maximize the revenue
sports of Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Hockey. By creating the best opportunities
available for these teams, the WE ARE… Collective will enable all student-athletes to
compete at the highest level.

Together we can compete in this new world of collegiate athletics.

Fight On!

Meet the President of WE ARE…

Michael Krentzman

Michael is a dedicated leader and promoter, motivated by the opportunity to create value for the Student Athletes, sponsors, corporate partners, and members of our collective. Michael’s goal is to make the lives of the Student Athletes who power Penn State sports better by enabling them to provide for themselves and their families in a legal, fully compliant and low-impact manner. In so doing, Michael believes We Are… Collective is highly valuable to the competitive future of PSU Athletics. Michael’s goal is that financial concerns never force a Student Athlete to leave Penn State, and that Athletes can live college lives without financial stress. Additionally, Michael wants to bring the biggest supporters of Penn State Athletics closer to the Student Athletes and build bonds and relationships that transcend athletic careers.

“We have such a unique and powerful opportunity to build a strong future based on traditional Penn State values, through the support of great Penn Staters. We have the model to do this ethically and correctly, and I hope you will join us on our journey, as we strengthen PSU athletics by bringing you closer to the Athletes.”